Topics under current consideration

From time to time I am invited to make presentations or to compose papers on topics of interest.  The following topics are under current consideration towards essays and/or presentations under the Uncommon Conversations banner:

1. Artificial Intelligence as conscious agents: A techno-legal assessment. (An exploratory technology contribution.)

2. The 4th Industrial Revolution – Misnomer or real revolution? (A critical perspective upon this techno-economic revolution.)

3. Intelligence: From bacteria to machines. (A factual bio-technical contribution.)

4. The San culture for Millennials: Retrofitting sustainability into the 21st century. (A multi-disciplinary contribution including archeological, sociological, technological, leadership and eco-perspectives.)

5. The Circular Economy: An update. (An update on an earlier contribution [see my articles on LinkedIn] of this very exciting mainly Western Europe economic paradigm shift.)

6. Tracking sustainability: Birds as markers of eco-health. (An ecological contribution.)

7. Microscopy and telescopy: A futures perspective upon two formative technology forces. (A descriptive technology contribution.)

8. Blockchain: The What, Why, and Whereto Next of this exciting new technology. (A technology analysis contribution.)

9. Food certainty: A cross-cultural conversation about edible plants and insects and daily livelihood strategies.

10. Insect farming: Highs, lows and enabling technologies.

11. Birds as eco-markers of climate change.

Interested parties are welcome to inquire about these offerings, to request more background information, and to ask for tariffs and associated arrangements.