Topics under current consideration

From time to time I am invited to make presentations or to compose papers on topics of interest.  The following topics are under current consideration towards essays and/or presentations under the Uncommon Conversations banner:

1. Artificial Intelligence as conscious agents: A techno-legal assessment. (An exploratory technology contribution.)

2. The 4th Industrial Revolution – Misnomer or real revolution? (A critical perspective upon this techno-economic revolution.)

3. Intelligence: From bacteria to machines. (A factual bio-technical contribution.)

4. The San culture for Millennials: Retrofitting sustainability into the 21st century. (A multi-disciplinary contribution including archeological, sociological, technological, leadership and eco-perspectives.)

5. The Circular Economy: An update. (An update on an earlier contribution [see my articles on LinkedIn] of this very exciting mainly Western Europe economic paradigm shift.)

6. Microscopy and telescopy: A futures perspective upon two formative technology forces. (A descriptive technology contribution.)

7. Blockchain: The What, Why, and Whereto Next of this exciting new technology. (A technology analysis contribution.)

8. Food certainty: A cross-cultural conversation about edible plants and insects and daily livelihood strategies. (A multi-disciplinary contribution including anthropology and biology.)

9. Insect farming: Highs, lows and enabling technologies. (An agri-tech contribution)

10. Birds as eco-markers of climate change. (An ecological contribution.)

11. Technological literacy - a board room imperative. (A techno-economic contribution.)

12. Abolition of the death penalty in South Africa: A legal historical analysis. (A legal contribution.)

13. Computer programming - the grey matter skill for the 21st century. (An educational contribution).

Interested parties are welcome to inquire about these offerings, to request more background information, and to ask for tariffs and associated arrangements.